Calendar 2020

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2020 Inspirational Calendar ~ printed on very good quality 250gsm paper, with white binding ~ $20.00 each + P&H

You have no doubt noticed the huge change to my calendar! The whole process of endless hours at the computer has become too much for me, so I have simplified the design. The other extras I had on my calendar I’m afraid are non existent now.

The reason I persevere at doing this each year is that I love the Word of God. It is real, it is truth, and it heals and saves. Whether we all believe it or not there is only one truth and therefore one way to eternal life.

A higher being than us created the universe. That’s God.

Evil came and polluted it after the fall of Adam and Eve. That’s eternal death.

Through Jesus, the Son of God, we are redeemed. That’s getting back that which was lost.

Through Jesus we can have eternal life. He’s coming back to this earth one day to claim His bride ~ that is, all those who believe in Him and have asked Him into their hearts. Are you ready?

Let me encourage you to use each prayer as a guidance, as a help and healing balm, to get you through each day, and by the end of the month, who knows, maybe you will have a prayer in your heart to call upon anywhere, anytime it’s needed. I thank God for His daily help in my life, and hope you will find this so as well. Have a wonderful 2020, full of God’s many blessings, All my love,