Friend’s of Israel

God’s covenant with Abraham still stands. God does not go back on His Word. Namely that God would multiply Abraham’s descendants and make them a great Nation. When Joshua led the Israelites over the Jordan river to possess the land that God had promised  they became the Nation God had always intended. That has not changed. The cross does not nullify this promise. If anything it enriches it.

In 1948 after thousands of years of exile the Jewish people began returning to their promised land and finally it became Israel. Many are trying to destroy it, or claim it for themselves, but God is with His people, and is looking after them. What I want to point out is that many Christians today look at the Church as a replacement for the Jewish faith.

This is the New Covenant! The old is not valid anymore! That’s not true!

If you are interested in learning more about Israel please click on the link below and go and read some fascinating information about the relevancy of Israel and its major role in history in general and particularly the end times. My education on this is limited. I have been reading their magazine Israel My Glory for a while now and have learned a lot, but reading what the Messianic Jew has to say about the Old Covenant in relation to the New Covenant is . . . WOW!
This year 2018 is Israel’s 70th Birthday as a Nation.

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