Great Reading

The Bible ~ I love reading my bible. I  read it most week days. As I read I take notes on anything that speaks to me.

Halley’s Bible ~ Written by Henry H Halley in 1924 and since there has been many, many revised versions. I have no idea whether it is still in print. The one I have is 1965. It is worth enquiring from the Christian book shops about it because it has the most amazing amount of biblical content. It has: a general view of the Bible, archeological discoveries, notes on each of the Bible books, Church history and so much more.

The Purpose Driven Life ~ by Rick Warren, founding Pastor of Saddleback Church in California. What on earth am I here for? If you feel you need a boost in your Christian life or need to come back to walking with God, this is the book for you. It takes you through 40 days of re-commitment to God. It changed my life. He takes you through 5 steps, which are: You were planned for God’s pleasure, You were formed for God’s family, You were created to become like Christ, You were shaped for serving God, and You were made for a mission. Like I said, it changed my life.

The Power of Your Words ~ by Robert Morris, senior Pastor of Gateway Church in Texas. He writes of how words carry enormous power and how lasting they are. Every Christian needs to read and learn of the seriousness of the words we speak. After all God used them to bring the entire universe into being!

Breaking the Power ~ by Liberty Savard. This book is a revelation on the Keys of the Kingdom Matthew 16:19 that I had not heard preached before. I am very careful what I read and believe. It takes you through the mire of rubbish that you accumulate in your life because of Unmet Needs, Unhealed Hurts, and Unresolved Issues. When something positive that should have happened in your life didn’t. When something that should not have happened in your life did. It has formulated prayers to help you as you learn a new way to pray.

Hallowe’en ~ Treat or Trick? ~ by David Porter. A book for all parents, teachers and church leaders who have any questions at all about this very well practised celebration. It clearly defines the difference between Christmas celebrations that originated from pagan practices and Hallowe’en practices that don’t celebrate anything remotely to do with God.

The Hiding Place ~ a biography ~ the story of the internment during the second world war of Dutch woman Corrie Ten Boom and her sister. An amazing story of Forgiveness and the message God gave Corrie after the war, to take to the world, all of which is in the sequel Tramp for the Lord.

Ten ~ Laws of Love Set in Stone ~ by J.John. A very thorough explanation of all the Commandments. You will be surprised about some of the things you may be doing that you don’t even realise are not exactly right. Very clear, very challenging to some, a good read.

Paradise Lost ~ by John Milton. An amazing description of the fall of the angels, and the fall of man. Perspective from every quarter. God, satan, man, the angels. Quite difficult to read because it’s written in the old english style and you need to discern the spelling of every other word to understand what is being described. But fascinatingly wonderfully crafted! And very long. It’s probably the length of an average sized novel. But then after reading this, if you’re game enough, there’s Paradise Regained!

Unbroken ~ by Laura Hillenbrand ~ a biography ~ as quoted by Vanity Fair, ‘One of the most remarkable survival tales ever recorded.’ The story of Louis Zamperini, amazing athlete and world war 2 survivor. His story of  redemption is extremely moving reading. Must read!

Ode on the Morning of Christ’s Nativity ~ by John Milton. If you’re a fan of Milton this is a must read. Collins Bookstore will order it for you. ISBN 9781511526746.

The Battle Plan for Prayer ~ by Stephen and Alex Kendrick. Inspired by their movie War Room, is designed to help anyone of any age become a powerful person of prayer. Personal testimonies, fundamentals of how effective prayer works, and much,much, more. Prayer should become our first plan of attack, and not a last resort. Read if you are searching for answers in your life.

Zvi ~ by Elwood McQuaid ~ a biography ~ the miraculous story of Zvi Kalisher and his triumph over the holocaust.

Future ~ by Meno Kalisher (Zvi’s son). A very clear account of what will happen in the future, according to scripture.

In the Eye of the Storm ~ by Max Lucado. An account of a day in the life of Jesus, and how the things that happened to Him relate to us in our lives today. Wonderful. Very moving. This is one of three stories of the writer in one book. However, they can be purchased singly if desired. When I’ve read the other two, I will probably include them in this list.

The Gospel in the Feasts of Israel ~ by Victor Buksbazen. Clearly illustrates the interaction of the Old  Testament with the teachings of Jesus, the writings of the New Testament, and the message of the Gospel. A very interesting read. I use it regularly. ISBN 978-0-915540-00-6

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The Yada Yada Prayer Group ~ by Neta Jackson. She and her husband Dave, are best known for the Trailblazer children’s books. This book is about several Christian women of various backgrounds who meet at a women’s conference and form the Yada Yada prayer group. It tells of their lives, challenges, and happy times together. There are actually seven books in the series. And for anyone who does read them and become as hooked as me I hear she has a new series, which is called ‘The Yada Yada House of Hope’ series of four novels. Plus a whole heap of other great Christian reading. Just go to

The Shadows Where We Walk ~ by Clare McIvor. Ethan is just an ordinary teenager until a catastrophic event leaves him caught between two worlds. Dark forces reveal their destructive plans for his friends and family as Ethan is thrown into a supernatural battle for his future ~ and that of the entire town.

The Remnant ~ by Clare McIvor A new exciting drama from my beautiful daughter-in-law, Clare. If you have read her first novel and loved it, I know you will be eager to get your hands on this new book. I am hanging out to read it, since reading her first novel three times, I cannot wait to see what new revelations she has for her readers.

Land of Silence ~ by Tessa Afshar ~ a novel based on the woman in the Gospels who had the issue of blood for twelve years. It’s now one of my favourite books.

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God’s Not Dead! ~ starring Kevin Sorbo, Shane Harper, Dean Cain, and the song God’s Not Dead by The Newsboys. About an atheist Philosophy professor who wants his class to declare God is dead. One of his students takes up the challenge to prove that God is not dead. Very well done. I loved it! There is also a second and a third movie of this title.

Indescribable ~ by Louie Giglio. This DVD takes us on an image-rich journey through the Cosmos, allowing us to peer into God’s universe to discover the amazing magnitude of His greatness and grace. WOW!!!

Joshua ~ based on the best-selling novel by Joseph Girzone, Joshua is the story about a stranger whose “supernatural” powers inspires a small town. His wisdom and compassion place him at the centre of the town’s attention. Beautiful!

The Nativity Story ~ one of the more skilful Bible films of recent years. Powerful, timeless and visually magnificent. A beautiful telling of one of the world’s most familiar stories. It’s real and it’s moving.

War Room ~ by the Kendrick Brothers. An inspiring movie, full of Faith, Hope, and Love. All about the power of prayer.

Fire Proof ~ by the Kendrick Brothers. Another inspiring movie, all about what it takes to win in marriage.

Courageous ~ by the Kendrick Brothers. Although I love all their movies, this is a particular favourite of mine. All about fatherhood, and dealing with immense grief from the loss of a child.

90 Minutes in Heaven ~ based on an incredible true story, about a man’s recovery from a fatal car crash in which he actually died and was prayed back to life.

Letters From Mother Teresa ~ an intimate and moving portrait of Mother Teresa, tireless advocate for the poor and champion of the forgotten. Wonderful.

I Can Only Imagine ~ made about the writer of the song ‘I can only imagine’, Bart Millard the founder of ‘Mercy Me’ Christian music band. An inspiring movie.


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